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A college education is importa... free essay sample

A college education is important because its a path to a successful future for serious individuals. College education is importanlty for men, women and everyone in the world. In my opinion, having a college education set you aprt from the rest of the world. With a college education, your appearance is more intelligent as compared to when you were just a high school graduate. When you become,intelligent you will have a high quality of life than in your past. College education helps people puzzle out problems in a civilized way. They also learn how to avoid disagreements with friends, family and even strangers. As a result, college students are able to live a trouble-free life. When college students associate with new people from other countries, they learn more about diversity and cut out some stereotypes related to some cultures. Additionally, in college students can improve their careers. Your level of education is often major to future success. We will write a custom essay sample on A college education is importa or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Achieving advanced levels of education proves that you have the commitment to learn and apply information to your goals. One of the most important benefits of college is getting your master s, ph. D. To increase your earning potential. When you go to college you get more job opportunities. In 2016 bureau of labor statistics proved that 37% of occupations require a college degree. A college education is very needed in our current society. Occupations now are becoming harder to get, and with the growth of the uneducated population. In order to strive for your full potential in your future career, you should know as much knowledge as possible to be educated. College is an experiment before moving into a career. When youre in college you have a lot of fun like meeting new people, going to parties and doing sports these things help you socially in a college environment. College helps you with your skills such as communication language, presentation, negotiating, research and critical thinking which helps you mentally. Some people will say why go to college when you can find that on the internet this is true but college helps you figure out rich information from poor information. College helps you understand the type of world we live in, expressing yourself in discussing groups and listening to others with a different perspective in real life will help you understand where other people come from and why they believe what they believe interacting together as one will enhance you to understand their situation and the other way around they will understand you. Its important to go to college because of money. Some people will say money doesnt make you happy this is true but how many people do you know are unhappy because they have money and how many people do you think that is in the world are happy because they dont have money. If your the type of p erson that has low self-esteem money can help you improve your life and make you happier. The more education you have to more secure jobs. Education is more than just math,reading and science its also about the capability to judge. College education is one of most influential aspects of society. Education gives individuals the chance to grow personally and increase their knowledge in a specific field . College enable students to think objectively. Leaving high school, young people do not have their own opinion about different aspects of their life since they have always been what to do and think by their parents and teacher. Gaining and building knowledge is another reason that make college attractive to most people nowadays. Colleges are educational institution that possess the greater academic sources such as book,magazines,journals,etc about specialized areas and domains that will give students the opportunity to remain in the topics they are mastering and learning additionally, professor are a great source of knowledge and experience. They are the ones who guide students and help them construct their own knowledge based on their information and expertise. College empowers individuals to think by themselves and make their own conclusions about what happens in the world. Secondly , students will exposed to a wider range of academic content that will help them discuss between what they agree with or not whether they are in agreement with something.

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Army Enlisted Rank Structure Essays

Army Enlisted Rank Structure Essays Army Enlisted Rank Structure Essay Army Enlisted Rank Structure Essay Army every thin up to SSP is dependent on time in service and time in grade. Once you want to go from SSP to SST, or SST to ASS you need to go too board and have a certain amount of points. The pints are based on you PET scores, how well you do in the Board, your weapons qualification, your Correspondence classes on line, Civilian education, awards and Military schools. The Board is a sort of review, where you stand In front of all the first sergeants In o battalion and you battalion SST Major. They ask you question pertaining to things like common knowledge, leadership and MOSS knowledge based on what your MOSS Is. Your scored on how well you do, you can earn as many as 150 points. The maximum amount of points that you can earn Is 798 which Is also the maximum number of points that they can have for being promoted. If you have a star MOSS the point are usually at 350 which In the rumbling amount of point a soldier can have to be promoted. Star Mosss are Mosss thats personnel numbers are really low or that the nutrition rate is really hi. Once you want to go to SF you need to submit a packet that is reviewed by the DOD if you selected to be promoted your put on a list. They only promote so many at a time. So you have to wait for your name to come out before you know that youre being promoted. After SF your promotion is based on a selection process and whether or not the need someone with your background and MOSS for a certain a aster sergeant position or if they want to give you a company of your own. If youre in charge of a company youre a First Sergeant if youre not youre a master sergeant. To move on to sergeant major I believe that you have to have been a first sergeant and then to move on to command sergeant major the highest enlisted rank you need to have had so much time as a sergeant major. Then to move on after that is all based on your record and how well youve done with various commands.