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Forecasting the Adoption of E-Books Essay

The size of the market for e-books in the long-run: 293.7 million x 46.7% x 8% = 10.973 million (Total US population x percentage of US population reading literature x Percentage of traditional paper books purchased online in 2003) It will take 10 years to reach 95% penetration of the potential market. Question 2 I predict that the sale of the e-book when it first became available is 0.751milion (pm) (Assumption: each innovator buy one book.) Question 3 The long-run total adoption of e-books would be 10.973 million. (Total US population x percentage of US population reading literature x Percentage of traditional paper books purchased online in 2003) Question 4 I do expect the market for e-books tend to be guided by imitators rather than innovators. According to the table above, I found that the weighted average for e-book of q (0.0684) is larger than p (0.2990). In addition, the word of mouth takes an important role in the adoption of e-books. The information about the e-book from the innovators contribute much to the adoption of e-books since people tend to hesitate to change their old reading habit. Question 5 S(t)=[p+(q/m)N(t-1)][m-N(t-1)] Year 1: [0.0684+(0.2990/10.973) X (0)][10.973-0] = 0.751 million Year 2: [0.0684+(0.2990/10.973) X (0.751)][10.973-0.751] = 0.908 million Year 3: [0.0684+(0.2990/10.973) X (1.659)][10.973-1.659] = 1.059 million Year 4: [0.0684+(0.2990/10.973) X (2.717)][10.973-2.717] = 1.176 million Year 5: [0.0684+(0.2990/10.973) X (3.893)][10.973-3.893] = 1.235 million Question 6 The adoption of e-book will be very different from digital music obtained online. The adoption of e-books face more challenges when comparing to the adoption of digital music. To most of the listeners, there is not much difference in experience between listening to a song from an iPod and a CD player. Therefore, they have a relatively low switching cost and more willing to change their habits. On the contrary, to most of the readers, it is definitely very different from reading an e-book to reading a printed book. The feelings of holding a printed book and flipping over a physical book are irreplaceable. So readers are loyal to printed book and hesitate to switch from traditional books to e-books. Hence, it is reasonable to predict that the pace of adopting digital music is faster than the pace of adopting e-books. Question 7 I think both of the attitudes about reading and purchasing e-content have changed a lot in recent years. In the old time, people could read e-content via PC only. Nowadays, people are able to read e-content through various mobile devices. Therefore, they spend more time on reading e-content especially during leisure time and even commuting time. However, the quality of the reading effort is diminishing as the overload of e-content available on Internet. In addition, people tend to rely more on the e-content since it is very convenient, environmentally friendly, high mobility and high accessibility. For the attitude about purchasing e-content, more people are willing to pay for the e-content in recent years. The advanced online payment system plays an important role. People feel more secure and also convenient when dealing online ever than before. Moreover, more well-known and large-scale publishers offer more choices of e-content for readers. Besides, in the light of the prevalent of mobile device, people have more time and chances to read the e-content regardless of the time and places. Thus, people are more willing to spend on e-content than before. Question 8 The hardware plays a paramount important role in the adoption of e-books. No matter how amazing the e-content is, the e-books would not be popularized if the hardware were not user-friendly. However, a good hardware is very likely to boost sales of the e-books. It is because the hardware is a fixed cost while the e-books are the variable cost to the readers. A portable hardware with proper size of monitor and high capacity is very attractive to the readers. They no longer need to neither carry the bulky printed books nor spare some places for storage. Moreover, the hardware enables readers to read comfortably when comparing to read via PC or smart phone. It is good for the readers’ eyes. Last but not least, the hardware contributed to protecting the environment as it saves much paper. Only when the hardware preforms better than the tradition printed books, the adoption of e-books will be success. Question 9 I do expect the size and also the pattern of diffusion are quite different globally as compared to the United States. The size and the pattern of diffusion depend on many factors. Population, culture, attitude to new products, technology and even literacy could be one of the variables of the size and pattern of diffusion. Take Africa as an example; though the population size of Africa is much larger than The United States, the potential size of the market for e-books must be obviously different from the United States. So it is not difficult to understand that the size and pattern of diffusion of various places will not be similar to the United States.

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The Perceptions of American Women about “New Beauty Therapy Services for Kids”

The issue of beauty therapy among American women and sometimes men has been around for a long period that no one can really determine, however, the society has undergone great civilization/modernization and recently beauty salons for young kids have started emerging. These salons offer all sort of beauty therapy services ranging from manicure, pedicure, facials and many other beauty therapy services to young girls, due to the fact that the idea has not been in the market for along time the few salons that offer beauty therapy services to young girls charge a lot of money. Nevertheless, this new trend has received both positive and negative sentiments from the American public. I recently carried out a study to investigate the perceptions of the people towards this new idea. I developed a short questionnaire consisting of five questions and distributed them to ten literate and grown up women with young daughters between the ages of three and eight, within my neighborhood, Brooklyn. The questionnaire comprised of questions that were sensitive to various respondents’ perceptions as they allowed for the choosing of more precise answers. [Russ-Eft, D. F. 1980)] For instance, the second question required them to state whether they supported the idea of kids’ beauty therapy services or not, with answer options ranging from, â€Å"I strongly support, I support, I somewhat support, I strongly oppose, I oppose, I somewhat oppose. † The other three questions were depended on the answer to the first question and the second questions. The quest ions were dispatched through a reliable delivery method (hand delivery) and enough time provided for the answering of the questions, the respondents were also advised not to seek assistance from other people. As expected the survey yielded varying responses, with 80% of the respondents indicating that they are aware that kids beauty therapy services have been introduced in the market, while the rest indicated that they are not aware of the new service. Those who were not aware of the new kids’ beauty therapy services were discontinued from the interview as the answers to the rest of the questions depended on the knowledge of the new kids’ beauty therapy service. Interestingly only a paltry 20% of the survey sample who knew about the new kids beauty therapy services indicated that they â€Å"strongly supported† the new service and a further 20% indicated that they â€Å"somehow supported the new service. † 40% indicated that they â€Å"strongly opposed the new service† and the remaining 20% showed that they â€Å"opposed the new service to kids. † Since the answering of the other three questions of the study was dependent on the answer to question number two only 40% of the respondents went on to answer the remaining questions. This is so because the other three questions were meant to elicit the answers as to what needed to be done and what should not be done about the new beauty therapy service to the kids. It was therefore irrelevant for respondents who did not support the idea to continue answering the other questions as they were bound to give out unreliable answers since in the first place they did not have any interests on the new service. [Wentland, E, J. & Smith, K. W. (1993)] Out of the 40% of the survey sample that proceeded with the rest of questions (by virtue of their support to the new kids’ beauty therapy service) 20% indicated they have once or twice taken their young daughters to the kids beauty therapy salons while the remaining 20% showed they have never done so but they were planning to do so in future. Interestingly 30% agreed that indeed the services are good for their young daughters but they are being overcharged and therefore the charges need to be adjusted. The remaining 10% indicated that the charges were reasonable compared to the good beatification services done to the young kids. On the question of whether some services currently in the kids’ beauty therapy package should be scrapped, they all (100%) agreed that some services needs to be removed from the package as they just did not make sense to young kids. [Wentland, E, J. & Smith, K. W. (1993)] The overall response of the five questions was very reliable as it systematically and precisely gave out information on the perceptions of the respondents. From the results this is visible from the answers to question one through question five. The questions were also arranged in a logical manner to avoid clue giving, those who gave â€Å"NO† as their answer to question one were discontinued from the interview as the study was dependent on the knowledge of the issue being investigated i. e. new beauty therapy services for kids. Further, those who had their answer as â€Å"I strongly oppose/ I oppose/I somewhat oppose† for question two were similarly discontinued from the interview. The remaining questions of the survey were about what needed to be done or not about the new service and therefore it was in order to discontinue those who did not know about the service or support it. The main reason behind this was to avoid false and unreliable answers as those did not support the service did not have any business to comment as to what needs to be done or not about the new service. [Russ-Eft, D. F. (1980)] The simple survey comprising of five-question questionnaire gave out very precise information that could have otherwise not been possible if heavily worded questions were used. This helped the respondents to perceive the questions as not bothersome or requiring much of their time and energy and therefore they gave out correct answers according to their perceptions (or lack of them) on the issue being investigated. Again, the survey sample was small (ten literate women) and the questionnaire comprised of simple questions with instructions written in bold attached on core questions to help extract valid and reliable data. The language used in the questionnaire was simple and unambiguous, further still, the questions were very sensitive in order to extract finer details from the respondents, for instance question number two was very prompting to the respondents as it gave six options for answer. Russ-Eft, D. F. (1980)] In conclusion the questionnaire met all the requirements of the specific criteria of a good measurement i. e. reliability, validity, and sensitivity. It is reliable because that gave out results that could repeatedly be got if the same sample was to be used again; it was valid because it followed a systematic procedure and gave out valid results, and it was sensitive because it allowed respondents a more options for answers. [Russ-Eft, D. F. (1980)]

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Living in Multicultural Sosieties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Living in Multicultural Sosieties - Essay Example of the Native American-Indians on issues like; their purpose of visit or making the contact as well as their level of technological advancement at that particular time. Consequently three examples shall be provided to support and give more insight to this paper; the three examples shall discuss the reaction of the native Indians towards the visiting Europeans i.e. resistance, positive reception and Native Indians that were neutral in regard to the European arrival. The first contact that occurred between the Native Indians and European took place in the 1500’s. Specifically, the first native Indians to greet European settlers occupied Northern parts of America and they were: The Aztects of Mexico as well as Incas of Peru. Other native Indian tribes that greeted European settlers during the 15th century were the Carolina Indians who killed most of the European settlers. At this particular time, the Aztects of Mexico built great empires and were known for hunting and gathering. They also had greater capacities to adapt to various environmental conditions as they could easily live in forests, deserts as well as in grassy plains ( n.d). Native-Indians were also known for farming by using crude tools such as wooden hoes to cultivate their lands. The Incas of Peru also had similar lifestyles and built great empires. On the other hand, the Carolina Indians were known for violence as they could attack villages of other natives and kill people. They were also hunters and gatherers, who performed domestic agriculture ( n.d). In relation to the European group, they felt that the Northern American was a new world; however, when they visited the native Indian lands, they brought various diseases with them for example: Influenza, chicken pox, measles and even small pox. This killed so many Native Indians owing to the fact that they did not have immunity to such new diseases. On the other hand, European settlers had

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The current trends in hardware Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The current trends in hardware - Essay Example An OS also takes care of sharing of a system by multiple users and also handle the various authentication issues in multiple user systems. The sharing of resources also forms a vital functionality of the OS in a multi user system. Conventionally all these functionalities of the OS are implemented in the kernel. And the kernel is accessible to all the programs that run in the system. Almost all systems use a system language or command to program the kernel. This is not modifiable by the user and remains outside his purview. Even if it needs to be modified, the complexity and the vastness is overwhelming and it requires heavy debugging and testing to ensure that the modification is bug free and it does not affect the rest of the functionalities. Also the pageability of kernels is extremely limited and even if it can be pages it takes a lot of work to decide what can be paged. All these restrictions and drawbacks of adding and modifying functionalities are slowly being eliminated and on ly those functionalities that are absolutely necessary are being added to the kernel. Innovative ideas to efficiently retrieving and handling information are thus being ignored because of the complexities involved in implementing them. Though Lisp Machine and Smalltalk managed to bring this user modifiable functionality in an easy to use language they failed to separate the user from the program. This principle of separation between the user and the program is one of the core principles of an operating system by definition. Another design method is the multi server system which attempts to break down the kernel into logical parts with interfaces between them. This makes it easier for the user to add more functionality separately to the specified block. Also the debugging phase becomes much easier since the code is less. This OS design addresses the users need to customize but the barrier between the user and the system still remains. I.e. the user still needs certain privileges to m odify the system code. [9][2][16][17][3] [5][6][10] GNU Hurd This new development seeks to address all the drawbacks mentioned till now and also to provide the dynamic user modifiable functionality to the OS. This new design seeks to achieve this goal by restricting the area of the system code. It makes the system code pertain to only specified basic areas and leaves the rest of the process to be defined by the user. The user can also add the remaining parts and can share these parts with other users without being bothered about the viability and the authenticity of the code and system. Let us take a look at each of the mechanism that is part of the new design system called Hurd. In the Translator Mechanism, the Hurd is found to use the Mach ports as a method to communicate between the user and the server. Every mach port is different and it implements a certain set of protocols which identify the operations that it can do and also represents the object of the port. The protocols or rules of conduct specified by the Hurd are the input/output protocol, the file, the socket protocol, and the process protocol. Each file can have a translator associated with it. Here the server executes the translator program associated with each file instead of each file returning its own port. The translator is allotted a port to the actual contents of the file,

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The Therapist's Perspective of Using Modern Communication Technology Essay

The Therapist's Perspective of Using Modern Communication Technology to Deliver Psychosexual Therapy - Essay Example Moreover, the paper will focus on the therapist’s perception of working with sexual issues using modern communication technology. The paper will also address the therapist’s perception of the challenges, strengths of process, and the effectiveness of psychosexual therapy delivered using modern communication technology. Examples of modern communication technology to be discussed in the paper include mobile phones and computers with the use of Skype, Internet, video conferences and video calls, social networking and instant text messaging. The therapist’s perspective of using modern communication technology to deliver psychosexual therapy Introduction The rapid advancement of technology over the last decades has heralded a significant change in the development of technological applications in psychotherapy. The use of modern technology in psychological counselling has become extremely common and popular in the world of today. This has seen widespread usage of moder n technological devices in the world of psychotherapy. The various psychological devices used in the world of psychotherapy and psychological counselling include computer-administered therapy, self-help Internet sites, virtual reality therapy, adjunctive palmtop computer therapy, and the use of biofeedback through physiological monitoring (Gladding, 2004). Therapists prefer to use technology owing to the various advantages and benefits that it offers. Technology contributes significantly to giving clients feedback regarding what causes or contributes to their problems and their response to the therapy administered by the practitioner. Therapists have employed the use of technology such as computers, video calls, instant text messaging, among others in counselling couples who have psychosexual problems. What is Psychosexual Therapy? According to Evans (2008), psychosexual therapy is part of marriage counselling where the therapist works with two people in a relationship. As part of m arriage counselling, psychosexual therapy aims at assisting couples to understand their conflicts and resolve them with an aim of improving their relationship. At the end of the counselling sessions, the couples should have gained the ability for better communication, problem solving capacities, and know how they can negotiate their differences. During the counselling sessions, the couples get help from the therapist about sexual issues and other essential issues in the relationship. Some of the issues addressed during marriage counselling encompass anger, sex problems, illness as well as problems in communication. To manage the resulting stress and conflicts, couple counselling through psychosexual therapy becomes very essential. Psychosexual therapy entails some form of treatment by qualified practitioners addressing emotional problems or sexual dysfunctions in a relationship. Psychosexual counselling helps solve the problems, which may be causing distress to a couple in a marriag e or partners in a relationship. As a behavioural programme, psychosexual counselling explores and discusses the sexual problems openly and dwells on the emotional blocks that the couple has. Some of the issues addressed through psychosexual therapy in men include premature ejaculation, erectile failure, as well as retarded ejaculation. The key dysfunctions encountered by women encompass orgasmic dysfunction, dyspareunia, and vaginismus (Mcleod, 2009). The therapists have their own perceptions while working with couples in a

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Holywood Studio System Between 1940s and 1960s Essay

Holywood Studio System Between 1940s and 1960s - Essay Example This was because there was discovery of the telescope, a cure for arthritis and even new advancements in astronomy. 2 With all these factors going so well for America; Hollywood home, one would presume that there would be greater opportunities for the studio system. However, this did not happen. 3 The main reasons were that there was a shift from cinema to television4, there was also politics involved and also other managerial and technological reasons came into play. 5 Details of these factors shall be examined below. In the wake of the country's economic boom, many people could now afford to purchase their own television sets. 6This meant that there was no need for any of them to go to the movies. By the year 1946, cinema attendance had diminished by a whooping 20 million consumers. 7 The studio that felt the highest pinch was the leader at that time; MGM. Before the decline in the Hollywood studio system, most studios were producing about eighteen billion dollars in revenue. However, after the popularisation of television, most studios were now making a mere four billion dollars. 8 There were also other political reasons that affected the Hollywood Studio system in the late forties. Prior to the decline, most studio owners or movie producers had exclusive rights to movie theatres. The five major studios in Hollywood (Fox, Warner's, Paramount, RKO and Lowe's) 9 had the ability to control distribution of their movies through these vested interests in movie theatres. However, The US Justice Department felt that that monopoly was going against the rules of free market and fair competition. 10Therefore, the Attorney General serving at that time gave a notice to the five major studios to appear in court. They were charged with conspiracy in the theatre industry. They were not supposed to control distribution as stated by the government and they were expected to let go of their vested interests in theatres During their appearances in court, top studio executives agreed to surrender their vested interests in the distribution sector and just after a short while all the big five studios gave up their rights to the movie theatres. 11Most of theses theatres were then sold to other vested interests. Consequently, studio producers had very little revenue to give their actors. Before selling away their theatres, most studios would contract actors for a period of seven years. But after the decline of theatres and studios, it was difficult to make such contracts anymore. Most studios started getting into deficits and they started closing down. 12These results came into play during the sixties. Eventually, the legacy of the Hollywood Studio system came to an end during those fateful years. Rise of independent movie producers During the 1960s more and more movie producers would choose locations that were outside Hollywood. They would prefer other countries such as England, Rome and Pinewood. Consequently, most of the equipments needed in studios were exported to the outdoors. This seriously affected the studio system as movie producers no longer considered the studio system as the norm. 13 The situation was made worse by increased competition from some independent movie producers. These movie producers were affiliated to their own movie producing companies and made the Hollywood studio system seem traditional. The

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Social marketing role on smoking issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Social marketing role on smoking issue - Essay Example The paper then moves on to the marketing environment and consumer orientation. In order to develop a better understanding of how social marketing can influence the social issue a discussion on smoking and social marketing is given which covers a number of factors associated with it. In the end conclusion and recommendations are given. Even though the awareness about the ill-effects of smoking has significantly increased over the years, it remains a social problem today effecting millions of people worldwide. For instance, the number of smokers in the UK has dropped by 50 per cent since the 1950’s, still smoking caused around 1.2 million deaths in European region alone in 2000 (Bonas 2005). Many diseases have been associated with smoking, such as low birth weight, high death rate, cancer, heart attacks, stroke, etc. Smoking not only has a negative impact on the health of the smoker, but it also has adverse effects on the people who live around the smoker and the society as a whole, making it a social problem. The problem of smoking is not confined to one particular region but spread over the whole world, especially among the youngsters. According to a study conducted by Schaefer (1979), old smokers who quit are constantly replaced by smokers that originate in the younger generation. Moreover, status symbol was identified to be one of the main causes of smoking, i.e. smoking served as a status symbol which motivated the people to smoke (Schaefer 1979). Most of the people begin smoking during adolescence and the main motivation behind taking up smoking is said to be the frequent advertising of cigarette (Arnett 2001). Sandage defines social marketing as the â€Å"design, implementation, and control of programs calculated to influence the acceptability of social ideas and involving considerations of product planning, pricing, communication, distribution, and marketing research† (Sandage and Fryburger 1960,

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Sexual Studies in Radways Women, patriarchy, and popular literature Assignment

Sexual Studies in Radways Women, patriarchy, and popular literature - Assignment Example Radway provides a platform to show how romance novels and their characterization of female characters is dynamic. Many romance novels keenly analyze the thought process of the female characters. The structure of the novel relies on explaining the dynamic nature of relationships between men and women. A majority of romance novel plots emphasize on the presence of miscommunication between the hero and heroine. For example, the behavior of the hero, which may be construed as disdain and hostility for the heroine, is usually revealed to be masked feelings of attraction and love. The reinterpretation theme found in romance novels has forced women readers to re-evaluate their heterosexual relationships and reinterpret the actions of their male companions.Question ThreeA core focus of criticism of feministic film has been on the nature of the members of the female audience, and with regards to the pleasure that they derive from viewing alternative films and mainstream movies. Members of the female audience are positioned as being from an outside position and as experiencing pleasure, which is reliant on a woman being the object of another person’s source of desire. Essentially, false pleasure.Mainstream media offers a chance to analyze and identify the dynamics involved in how women are eroticized in film. The films are alluded to social mirrors since they reflect the way that society views women and their roles in society. In film, women are awarded roles that do not emphasize on the content of their speeches.

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The role of propaganda for the functioning and survival of human Essay

The role of propaganda for the functioning and survival of human society - Essay Example The paper tells that McKenzie in his book â€Å"Propaganda and Empire† has highlighted the extreme importance of the 19th century ideological constructs. He has suggested that the durability of the term has assisted the development of hurdles in the economic progress of the UK during the 20th century. This aspect has become an important part of debates in the post colonial period. While investigating and evaluating the foundation of such ideologies, McKenzie examined children’s literature, school text books exhibitions, radio, films and theater. He concluded that as a consequence of imperial propaganda, the middle classes were able to achieve economic advantages under the garb of idealistic processes. In this process, morality was substituted by mercenary motives and enhanced adventure and romance for military and political aggressions. Thus, it became a significant change of past imperialist urges that matched the revised concepts of colonial settings. Across the entir e middle ages till the modern period, there has been immense reliance on propaganda and no society has refrained from it. For instance the constant conflicts amongst the monarchy and parliament in Britain has been a historic struggle whereby propaganda has always been used. Propaganda has been used as a weapon in the American independence movement, while it was also liberally used during the French Revolution. The maximum use of propaganda was made during the First World War, and both communists and fascists were aggressively involved in revolutionary propaganda after the war ended. After having captured power, both sections attempted to grab territories that extended further than their national boundaries, through the use of propaganda. In the modern world, man’s creativity has perfected means of communication that extends the impact of ideas and information in quickly spreading the required appeals. Nevertheless, the technological developments can be constructively used for the creation of peace and international welfare. However, leaders such as Mussolini and Hitler chose to use this medium for inhuman and selfish objectives and thereby created a negative picture of propaganda in the modern world (Herman and Chomsky, 1988). The development of politics in the modern world has stimulated the impacts of propaganda and is now considered an essential element of political campaigns in democratic systems. Propaganda now appears to be an essential part of the democratic process because the candidates seeking nominations are expected to appeal to the voting constituencies through strong promises and planned programs. After being elected, politicians have to appeal to the electorate for their opinion on suitability and dependability of their efforts and policies. It thus becomes necessary for political parties to engage in propaganda to justify and explain their course of action to the public. During peace time, democratic governments mostly engage in propagan da in making people aware of the available services and in creating popular support for themselves. Recent developments such as globalization have expanded the scope of propaganda because under circumstances of mass consumption and mass production, propaganda techniques have transformed in creating involvement of different entities such as employees, consumers, interest groups and the public at large (Farrell and Smith, 1967). Hate propaganda creates harm to people by negatively impacting their dignity and feeling of self worth. In addition, it harms society as a whole as it obliterates social accord and leads to discriminatory practices and violence, thereby leading to the creation of a hostile atmosphere amongst those that are besieged in the same society. Hate propaganda works in dehumanizing people in the

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Advertisment Essay Example for Free

Advertisment Essay â€Å"Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.† Trash can be used to describe many things, things like objects dirty or worthless. We rarely think of trash to be used to describe a person for their worth or their looks. The media today tries to portray a â€Å"perfect† image of what a person should look like when in reality people are beautiful just the way they are. Nobody is trash. The advertisement that I choose was one that was promoting Gold’s Gym. The picture was of a black metal trashcan tilted ever so slightly to the left, but standing firmly in powdery whitish yellow beach sand. The trashcans shadow lays to the right of it assuming that it is a little past mid day. The background is bursting with colors ranging from white, blue, and green in the ocean and a baby blue in the sky with wispy clouds barely covering the sky. The main object in the picture is the trashcan. It is a black metal can with a yellow color wrapped around the middle third of it. In the yellow, a text is written in black and it says, â€Å"Keep Our Beaches Beautiful† and in smaller font says, â€Å"(and pick up the trash, too).† Finally, on the bottom â€Å"Gold’s Gym† is written in bold gold font, on the black trashcan, a little smaller than the other font. The colors are vivid in contrast, making the picture warm and it creates instant happiness. The bright yellow stands out from the black trashcan causing the observer to first focus on the trashcan and the writing. Once the observer reads what the trashcan has to say, they then look out onto the ideal ocean with the almost perfect sand that looks as playable as a puppy and as soft as a pillow. That is the view of beautiful. The ad has a double meaning to it. The trashcan is there to keep the beach clean from all the trash. Beautiful. The writing on the trashcan saying, â€Å"Keep our beaches beautiful† and then Gold’s Gym advertising written under that is promoting that people go and workout at the gym to be fit. Beautiful. What is beauty? According to this, the ad claims that at least a part of being beautiful is working out and looking fit. Is that really true beauty? People work hard to become that â€Å"perfect† image that society and the media has embedded in our minds. This was most likely a hugely successful ad, solely because it hit close to home with many people who have low self-esteem. â€Å"The ‘Beach body’ can be achieved by signing up for a year at Gold’s Gym,† is what people are thinking when they see this ad. The beach looks so beautiful in the ad that people become motivated enough to work out so they look â€Å"good† at the beach rather than being the â€Å"trash† on the beach. They just want to fit it and have a sense of belonging. Are people really trash? The ad sure thinks so. Even though the trashcan aspect is directed more so to the actual trash that is on the beach, it still symbolizes that people are trash if they are ugly. A person can become beautiful by attending Gold’s Gym, so why wouldn’t they just do that if that were all they needed to become beautiful? People nowadays are so focused on body image; women start having eating disorders in order to be â€Å"beautiful†, while men think they are only beautiful if they have a six pack or huge muscles. The advertiser at least thinks that he is good looking or fit in order to have credibility. They have a high sense of self-esteem because they think that being beautiful relates solely to a person’s appearance rather then as a whole, both inside and out. This ad is about more than just keeping beaches clean and promoting Gold’s Gym, it is about the image of people. The media has twisted the real image of people so much so that if a person doesn’t look good then they are called â€Å"trash.† Are people really trash?

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Measles: Symptoms and Treatment

Measles: Symptoms and Treatment Katie James Measles are very contagious disease. They are spread by someone coming in contact with infected mucus and or salvia. An Infected piece of the virus can go through the air and settle on anything and any person in close contact will become infected. Children are more common to get the disease especially if they are not vaccinated. Some basic symptoms of measles include rash, watery eyes, dry cough and fever. It takes more than one week for the virus to get comfortable in the body. That means in can take several days for the symptoms to effect someone. The virus has no treatment. So its best to get the vaccine to protect oneself. If one does get the measles virus, limit the interactions with others, to prevent spreading the disease to someone else and contaminating surfaces. Doctors can usually diagnose a patient with measles disease when they find out the symptoms. Complications from measles can happen to people. There are common less severe complications, ear infection and more seriou s complications like brain damage. Once a person gets measles the can not get them more than once. The body will be immune from the measles for life. Measles are a viral infection located in the respiratory system (Dawn M. 2013). Measles are a disease in which it is very highly contagious when in contact or exposed to. The measles virus can live on surfaces for many hours. Measles are mainly a childhood disease but it has no limit on age and people of any age can get measles. Measles can be described as an endemic disease which means it is frequently existing in a community and peoples body are able to put up a fight against the disease (Dawn M. 2013). The opposite would happen if measles go to a place where people have never been exposed, death and serious illness may affect the people who get the virus. Its important to identify the symptoms measles have on people and know the treatments and preventions available to people. How would someone be able to identify or know that they have the measles? The measles virus will enter the body and not show any signs of the body being affected by the disease until nine to even 14 days after the virus has entered (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). The most noticed sign of the measles is a skin rash. The rash look red and has itchy bumps. The rash can last up to seven days (Measles, 2016). The measles rash can show signs on the body within three to four days after the body has been exposed to the virus (Measles,2016). Most of the time the rash will begin on the head and behind the ears and it will slowly spread all over body, it may take two to three days for the rash to spread all over the body (Measles, 2016). The rashes red spots will eventually grow and combine together this will make the skin look very red and irritated. As time goes on the rash turns a brownish color (Measles, 2016). Measles rash can be very serious and cause a great amount of illness. Its important u nderstand measles rash versus a rash caused by a different disease. The rash is only part of the measles virus. Fever is also a symptom of measles (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). The fever could be sever or just a mild one. The fever may drop and then rise again as the rash is spreading. Other symptoms of measles may include a running nose, body aches, tiredness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, a cough and a sore throat.(Measles, 2016) When a person has the measles they may be sensitive to the light. Red eyes, swollen eyes, the feeling of inflammation in the eyes and watery eye are all symptoms of having the measles (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). Also kopliks spots will develop in side the mouth, cheeks and throat are all signs of measles (Measles, 2014) The spots in the mouth have a greyish, white color tent to them (Measles, 2014). If the symptoms of measles virus do not improve after a number of days, or all symptoms have went away except the fever if may very serious and a doctor s hould be contacted. Normally once the body is exposed to the virus, the immune system will make start making antibodies and help fight off the virus as well as give the body lifelong immunity against the measles virus. It is not highly expected for a person to get measles more than once. (Pommerville. J.C, 2016) Diagnosing measles for a doctor is usually fairly easily if the signs and symptoms discussed are present in and on the body (Ryan K.J, 2010). If the doctor can not diagnose with certainty. They can order a blood test and this will be able to check the blood for the measles virus. Since measles are highly contagious, children should not return to school at least until five days have passed since the rash has appeared or longer if needed (Knott. D.L, 2014). How does the measles virus and develop? How are the measeles transmitted? Right after the virus enters the body, the virus multiplies in the back of throat, lungs and the lymphatic system (Dawn. M, 2013). The virus likes to live in throat mucus and nose of the infected person (Dawn. M, 2013). A person is contagious usually four days before the measles rash will appear and is still contagious four to five days after the rash is on the body (Measles, 2014). It is not likely that a person will get measles twice. If a person has not been infected by measles before or if they have not been vaccinated, as soon as they come in close contact with an infected person they are really pushing it and are more then likely going to become ill (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). About ninety percent of people who are not vaccinated and live in the same house as someone who has measles will develop the measles virus (Dawn. M, 2013). The measles virus will spread from one person to many others. If a non infect ed person comes in physical contact with a person you is, they will get the virus. As well as if the non infected person touches anything that has been infected by the virus and then putting the hand in the mouth, rubbing nose and or mouth (Dawn. M, 2013). It can also be spread by a infected person coughing or sneezing around others who are not infected. The virus can stay active on surfaces for about two hours (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). Measles is disease the affects only humans, animals cannot spread or get the measles virus (Knott. D. L, 2015). Measles are very contagious and its important to get the measles vaccine because measles can lead to serious complications. What are some complications of measles? More common complications can lead to eye infections, laryngitis and an ear infection causing earaches (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). Other complications include bronchitis, and decrease in blood platelets (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). These ones so far are not life threating but are still something to be aware of when having the measles virus. Less common but more serious illness that could come from measles could be brain inflammation and this can cause brain damage and death, it is not that likely but it is still a possibility (Ryan K. J, 2016). Difficulty breathing or having chest pains can be a complication (Ryan K. J 2016). The measles virus can affect nerves or muscles that lead the to eyes. If this happens a person may squint as a complication from the virus (Ryan K. J, 2016). Other serious complications could be blindnes s and having a preterm baby or even a miscarriage (Mayo clinic staff, 2014) Once a person becomes infected by the measles virus, how is it treated? When it comes to the measles virus there is no certain treatment. There is no prescriptions of medication to give to a person infected by the measles virus. The virus symptoms will usually go away in two to three weeks ( Dawn M, 2013). Thought there is no way of treating the measles virus there are ways help relieve some of the symptoms. Getting plenty of rest will help your immune system. Taking an appropriate amount of Tylenol or I ibuprofen can help keep the fever down and relieve any body aces. Drinking a lot of fluids will help keep the fever down ( Mayo clinic staff, 2104). To help a sore throat or cough, a humidifier may give an ease to the throat. A person should stay in places that are not super bright to keeps they eyes from getting to inflamed. Taking vitamin A supplements are shown to help prevent serious complications from the measles virus (Measles, 2016). The treatment for the measles virus only ea ses the symptoms until the immune system of the body takes care of the infection. Measles virus is not a pleasant virus to get. The best way someone can be preventive in not getting the measles virus is by getting the MMR vaccine. The MMR vaccine is a three in one vaccine that prevents you from getting measles, as well as mumps and rubella (Pommerville. J.C, 2016). The immunizations people get help prevent an outbreak of the measles virus. Children are able to get the first MMR vaccine at the age of 1 years old ( Mayo clinic staff, 2014). They can get a second dose between the ages of four and six (Mayo clinic staff, 2014). If adult has not received the immunization they can always get vaccinated by a doctor. People who should not take the vaccine are women who are pregnant (Knott D.L,2015). Since measles are extremely contagious and there are no specified treatments to cure the measles virus, the most important and best way to stay clear of the virus is by prevention (Measles, 2016). Which is by a person getting a vaccine and eliminating the chance of becoming in fected by the measles virus. References Dawn, M. (2013). Measles: History, Symptoms, Treatment, and Effects of the Vaccine.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Knott, D. L. (2015, March 02). Measles | Health. Retrieved March, 2017, from Mayo Clinic Staff. (2014, May24). Measles. Retrieved March, 2017, from Measles (2016, March). Retrieved March, 2017, from Pommerville, J. C., Alcamo, I. E. (2016). Fundamentals of microbiology (3rd ed.). Burlington,  MA: Jones Bartlett Learning. Ryan, K. J. (2010). Sherris medical microbiology (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Medical.   Ã‚  

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Hamlet and His Many Roles Essay -- essays papers

Hamlet and His Many Roles In the Shakespearean play, Hamlet, the title character portrays many roles, and all of these roles intersect in one scene in the play, Act III, scene ii. This scene takes place at the exact center of the play and if broken up into sections one can see a different aspect of Hamlet’s personality for each one. The play-within-a-play scene suggests that Hamlet is putting on his own play and reminds us that in real life, a person can play many roles. Hamlet plays a different role with each character in the play, such as Polonius, Claudius, Ophelia, Horatio, and the players. In the play scene, these characters are in the same place at the same time. Bert States calls Hamlet â€Å"a succession of responses to rapidly changing stimuli†. As he reacts with each character, he must move from role to role very quickly. It can be asked which roles are parts of Hamlet’s true self and which are feigned? Shakespeare uses references to plays and acting throughout the play to keep in mind the theme of appearance Vs reality. Hamlet says, â€Å"Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well, when our deep plots do pall, and that should learn us/ There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will† (V, ii.lns 8-11). He is referring to the plot, the plan to alter the Murder of Gonzago, that he had earlier used to catch the conscience of the king. Hamlet also refers to a play when speaking of his voyage with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: â€Å"being thus benetted round with villainies-- or I could make a prologue to my brains, they had begun the play† (V, ii. lns 29-31). Here, Hamlet is claiming that his brain is working independently of his will and that a play is being, in a sense, written for him. He is just a... ...s by himself. The play scene highlights the significance of each role and what purpose it serves in Hamlet’s quest for truth and revenge. Bibliography: Works Cited Fisch, Harold. Hamlet and the Word: the Covenant Pattern in Shakespeare. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. 1971 Nevo, Ruth. â€Å"Acts III and IV: Problems of Text and Staging.† Modern Critical Interpretations: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House Publishers. 1986. Rose, Mark. â€Å"Reforming the Role.† Modern Critical Interpretations: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House Publishers. 1986. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. ed. Louis B. Wright. New York, NY: Washington Square Press. 1993. States, Harold. Hamlet and the Concept of Character. Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press. 1992.

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The Road Away from the Beast :: Personal Narrative Medicien Papers

The Road Away from the Beast It all starts with a dull pain that is inside my head. The starting point varies from the base of my skull, to my temple, or just behind my right eyeball. I know that if I do not catch this nuisance quickly enough, it will become a beast and have the potential to keep me bedridden for days. The beast does not always stay for days. Sometimes, it presents itself and then transforms into a more mild animal, which is more bearable but keeps me company for as long as a week. When I feel him coming, I immediately feel helpless. I force my mind to take me to another place; a place where this beast's strength is weaker than mine. Unfortunately, I can only beat him 10% of the time. The rest of the time, he beats me and I dread even more his next unannounced visit. The second lunch bell just rang and I went back to my desk after approaching my third grade teacher, Sister Patricia Rose. I never liked Sister Patricia Rose and this day, I had even more reason not to like her for she disregarded my request to go home. "Just put your head down on your desk," was Sister's response to my ill feeling. Perhaps she did not agree that a headache was a good enough reason to leave school, but she had no idea as to what kind of headache I was suffering. As I had predicted, my headache was getting worse. The pounding was strong and focused behind my eyes. If I could just rip my eyes out, I would get relief. Then I knew it had gone too far when I began to feel the nausea. With tears in my eyes, I made one last attempt to raise my hand and ask Sister Patricia Rose if I could go to the office, but again, she refuses and strictly replies, "Just keep your head down on the desk." I could feel my mouth started to salivate, like it usually does when I get sick from a migraine headache. While tears rolled roll from my eyes, sympathetic classmates gave me looks of concern. They knew my illness was legitimate because this day was the day I missed the lunchtime kickball game for the first time ever. I tried to talk myself out of getting sick because I hate the way I feel when I vomit.

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Gold :: science

Gold Gold was discovered around 3000 BC to 1200 BC. Gold probably was found on the ground and used by prehistoric man as a tool. Highly sophisticated gold art objects and jewelry discovered by archaeologists in the Royal Tombs at Ur, in what is now Southern Iraq, date back to around 3000 BC. Similarly, goldsmiths of the Chavin civilization in Peru were making ornaments by hammering and embossing gold by 1200 BC. Where and abundance in nature: Since gold is both durable and carefully guarded, most of the gold that has been taken from the Earth still exists. Much of it has been buried again in underground vaults, where it is held in government monetary reserves. In 1990 the bullion reserves of the free world were estimated to total some 43,000 tons. Of this, the United States held 11 percent. Gold reserves of South Africa were estimated at some 20,000 tons. Despite the prevalence of antihoarding laws, another 50,000 tons were believed to be privately held. People are willing to take enormous risks and short-term financial losses to hoard gold against the possibility of fiscal inflation . The rest of the world's accumulated gold was held in official stocks by central banks or was industrially employed or lost. Today gold may be bought and sold on many markets. The largest is in London, England. Others exist in several nations of continental Europe, in the Middle East, and in Asia. Past and Current use: Gold probably was found on the ground and used by prehistoric man as a tool. Highly sophisticated gold art objects and jewelry discovered by archaeologists in the Royal Tombs at Ur, in what is now Southern Iraq, date back to around 3000 BC. Similarly, goldsmiths of the Chavin civilization in Peru were making ornaments by hammering and embossing gold by 1200 BC. Gold is usually alloyed in jewelry to give it more strength, and the term carat describes the amount of gold present (24 carats is pure gold). It is estimated that all the gold in the world, so far refined, could be placed in a single cube 60 ft. on a side. It is metallic, with a yellow color when in a mass, but when finely divided it may be black, ruby, or purple. It is the most malleable and ductile metal; 1 ounce (28 g) of gold can be beaten out to 300 square feet.

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Drug offenders sdmitted to prison Essay

The single greatest force behind the growth of the U. S. prison system since the mid-1980s has been the national â€Å"war on drugs. â€Å"45 Spearheaded by major federal drug policy initiatives that significantly increased penalties for drug offenses and markedly increased federal funds for state anti-drug efforts, federal and state measures to combat drugs have concentrated on criminal law enforcement rather than prevention and treatment. 46 An estimated 400,000 people — almost one-quarter of the total incarcerated population in the U. S.– are confined in local jails and state and federal prisons on drug charges. 47 Citing the extraordinary number of drug offenders in U. S. prisons, General Barry McCaffrey, has decried the creation of what he termed a â€Å"drug gulag. â€Å"48 Policies adopted to battle the use and sale of drugs have led to marked increases in arrest rates, in the likelihood of going to prison, and in the length of sentences for drug offenders. Between 1980 and 1997, the number of annual drug arrests tripled to a high of 1,584,000. 49 The rate of drug arrests per 100,000 residents rose from 288 to 661. 50 The rate of commitment to state prison per drug arrest quintupled between 1980 and 1990, rising from 19 prison commitments per 1,000 arrests to 103 per 1,000. 51 The estimated time served by drug offenders in state prisons increased a full year between 1987 and 1996; federal drug sentences doubled. 52 As of 1997, there were an estimated 285,009 men and women in state and federal prisons on drug charges, a twelvefold increase since 1980. 53 Relative to the adult population, the rate of incarceration of drug offenders hasincreased almost tenfold, rising from less than 15 inmates per 100,000 adults to 148 per 100,000. 54 In 1980, drug offenders comprised only six percent of state prison populations. By 1998, they constituted 21 percent. In federal prisons, drug offenders now comprise 59 percent of all inmates, whereas they represented only a quarter of federal inmates in 1980. 55 Drug Offenders Admitted to Prison Between 1980 and 1998, the number of new admissions of drug offenders to state and federal prison soared, exceeding 1. 5 million in total (Figure 5). In recent years, about one hundred thousand drug offenders have been admitted to prison annually. Nationwide, 31 percent of all admissions to state prison in 1996 were drug offenders. Among the states, the proportion of drug offenders varied between a low of 10 percent in Maine to a high of 46. 6 percent in New Jersey and 44. 7 percent in New York (Figure 6). In three quarters of the states, more than one in five persons sent to prison was convicted of a drug offense. In contrast, violent offenders accounted nationwide for only 26. 8 percent of new state prison admissions. Rate of Admission of Drug Offenders There is a remarkable range in the extent to which states subject their populations to incarceration on drug charges (Table 8). The rates of admission of drug offenders to prison per 100,000 adult residents vary from a low of 6 per 100,000 in Maine to a high of 91 in California. The ten states that have the highest rates of drug offender admissions relative to population are: California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. Nationwide, drug offenders are sent to prison at a rate, relative to population, that is 13 percent higher than the rate for violent offenders (Table 9). In one half of the states reporting to NCRP, the admission rates for drug offenders exceed those for persons convicted of violent crimes. Six states — Arkansas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia — send drug offenders to prison at rates that range from 50 to 100 percent higher than the rates for violent offenders. Drug Offending and Prison Admissions The broad range in admission rates for drug offenders across the country cannot be ascribed simply to variations in drug use and sales in different states. Table 10, covering twenty six states, presents federal estimates of the percentage of the population over 12 in those states who were current illicit drug users in 1991-1993. 56 Although some drug users may cross state lines to purchase drugs, we assume that relative rates of drug use in each state also roughly reflect relative amounts of drug sale activity. Comparing drug use rates with calculations of the rate relative to population at which drug offenders in those states were sent to prison reveals the lack of a consistent correlation between drug offending and the imprisonment of drug offenders. First, the percentage of the population that used drugs varied among states from 4. 1 to 8. 2 percent, compared to a range in drug offender admission rates that extended from 8 to 91. Second, the states with higher rates of drug use were not necessarily the states with higher drug offender admission rates. Oregon, for example, had the third highest percentage of drug use, yet it had one of the lowest rates of drug admissions. In contrast, California had both the highest rate of drug use and the highest rate of drug offender admissions. Third, lower drug use did not necessarily correlate with low drug offender admissions rates. The percentage of Illinois’ population that used drugs was quite low, yet the statehad the second highest rate of drug offender admissions. Similarly, Louisiana had a relatively low rate of drug use yet it had one of the highest rates of drug admissions. Obviously, no definitive conclusions can be drawn from a comparison of these two rather crude sets of figures. Nevertheless, the data suggest the explanation for the different rates at which people are sent to prison for drug offenses must lie in different penal policies and priorities among the states, including different law enforcement resources and strategies, prosecutorial charging preferences, and sentencing laws, as well as structural and demographic factors, e. g. , degrees of urbanization, rather than rates of drug offending. Drugs Involved In Offense The NCRP data does not permit reliable calculations about the extent to which different â€Å"hard† drugs (e. g. , cocaine, amphetamines, heroin) were involved in drug offenses. The data is somewhat better with regard to the identification of marijuana offenses, which were identified as the drug involved in 4. 3 percent of all drug admissions. 57 In nine states marijuana offenses accounted for more than ten percent of drug admissions: Alabama (16. 09), Iowa (17. 22), Kentucky (12. 4), Mississippi (14. 50), New Hampshire (28. 83), North Dakota (43. 02), South Carolina (11. 25), South Dakota (18. 3), and West Virginia (20. 63) (Table 11). Type of Drug Conduct People are sent to prison for both drug possession and sales-related conduct. In 1996, the simple possession of drugs (excluding possession with intent to sell) was the most serious conviction offense for 28 percent of all drug offenders admitted to state prison (Table 12). Fifty-six percent of drug offender admissions were for drug sales, and the rest for other drug-related offenses (e. g. , fraudulent prescriptions and unlawful possession of syringes). In nine states (Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Virginia) more than 50 percent of drug offenders sent to prison were convicted of simple possession.

Marketing Applications of Internet Marketing Essay

Internet-based media offer a range of opportunities for marketing products and services across the purchase cycle. Organizations can use online communications such as their websites, third-party websites and email marketing as means of: †¢An advertising medium. For example, BP plc and its subsidiary companies, such as Castrol Limited, uses large-format display or interactive ads on media sites to create awareness of brands and products such as fuels and lubricants. †¢A direct-response medium. For example, easyJet uses sponsored links when a user is researching a flight using a search engine to prompt them to directly visit the easyJet site by clicking through to it. Similarly the easyJet e-mail newsletter sent to customers can encourage them to click through to a web site to generate sales. †¢A platform for sales transactions. For example, easyJet sells flights online to both consumers and business travellers. †¢A lead-generation method. For example, when BP offers content to business car managers about selecting the best fuel for company cars in order to identify interest from a car fleet manager. †¢A distribution channel. For example, for distributing digital products. This is often specific to companies with digital products to sell such as online music resellers such as Napster ( and Apple iTunes ( or publishers of written or video content. †¢A customer service mechanism. For example, customers serve themselves on by reviewing frequently asked questions. †¢A relationship-building medium where a company can interact with its customers to better understand their needs and offer them relevant products and offers. For example, easyJet uses its e-mail newsletter and tailored alerts about special deals to help keep its customers and engage them in a dialogue to understand their needs through completing surveys and polls.

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Hypothesis The following hypotheses are (or hypothesis is) formulated for acceptance or rejection: (use null hypothesis) Scope and Limitation of the Study Should include: 1. Focus/ areas/ scope to be assesses/ investigated/ determine/ analyze & where to conduct research 2. Participants( subject or respondents or population) of the study including sampling technique to be used, total number of population/ exclusion/ inclusion/ criteria used if purposive 3. Instrument/s to be used for data gathering (example: questionnaire, interview, observation, etc. One or combination of any chosen tool/s) 4. Statistical treatment of data to use 5. When to conduct the study Significance of the Study Findings and recommendations of this study could be beneficial to the following: School Administrators. Blah†¦.. School of Nursing. Blah†¦ Nursing Students. Blah†¦. Etc†¦ Future Researchers (should be the last) NOTE: Identify who will benefit from your study and how will they benefit from the results of the study Definitions of Terms The following terms are operationally defined within the scope of the study: (Key words can be identified from the title and variables that need to be defined in relation to your study. Remember operational, not conceptual definition.) Chapter 2 (on separate sheet) REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter provides review of related literature and studies, both local and foreign which are related to the study. This chapter should be arranged by topic, integrating both local and foreign literatures and studies. Local Literature – includes primary or secondary related literatures from reference materials such as books, journals/ periodicals, websites, newspaper, speeches, encyclopedia, patient’s medical records, handouts, manuals, etc†¦ Local or Filipino authors Foreign Literature – includes primary or secondary related literatures from reference materials such as books, journals/ periodicals, websites, newspaper, speeches, encyclopedia, nursing literatures, etc with foreign authors, nursing theorists or other theorists from different fields of studies- medicine, psychology, sociology, education, etc that are relevant to your study Local Studies- includes research studies, undergraduate/ graduate theses or doctoral dissertations from Filipino students or researchers, thesis review, abstract of studies, published or unpublished Foreign Studies – as above but with foreign authors, published or unpublished, internet sources (Arranged by topic with sources – author/s and year of publication only ; proper citation ) Synthesis Includes the summary of related literatures and studies, pointing their similarities and differences from your present studies. 1 – 2 pages only. Theoretical Framework If research paradigm is I-P-O (Input- Process- Output), use the General Systems Theory (research on this). If you will use Independent Variables- Dependent Variables, use conceptual theory that will best support your research paradigm. (Figure 1. Research Paradigm (illustration of your research study) must be in one whole sheet, placed at the last page of chapter 2. Explanation of your paradigm or model must be under theoretical framework after the discussion of the framework you will use . Chapter 3 (separate sheet) METHODOLOGY Research Design This study will use the _________________________ research design to (state purpose of the study), (You may define or state the purpose of the study†¦ you may quote the definition from the book and cite your source/s). Participants of the Study Include here the subject/ population of the study†¦ you may copy this part from your scope and limitation. Instrumentation Construction. Include here the type of data gathering tool or method you will use, how are you going to construct your questionnaire, source/s to use or your reference for constructing your tool. Description of the tool†¦ Part I will include †¦..; Part II will consists of†¦. Validity. Mention here who will validate your questionnaire ( at least 3 experts), if you’re going to pretest or conduct pilot test prior to actual study. Data gathering Procedure Include here how you will conduct the study – letter of consent requesting permission to conduct study: Dean, Director of Hosp, Chief Nurse, participants; When to conduct study, manner on how to conduct study – distribution and retrieval of questionnaires. Statistical Treatment of Data What statistical instrument to use†¦ frequency distribution for profile, percentage, measures of central tendencies. What statistical treatment to use for test of hypothesis: t-test, Chi square, Pearson r correlation coefficient, ANOVA, etc†¦ BIBLIOGRAPHY (Separate sheet, center) A. BOOKS (center) Grodner, M., Roth, S. (2005). Foundations and Clinical application of Nutrition: A Nursing Approach. Singapore: Elsevier Pte Ltd., Health Services Asia B. JOURNALS/ PERIODICALS(center) Hughes, A. (2007). â€Å"Pragmatism Rules: The Interventions and Prevention Strategies Used by Psychiatric Nurses Working With Non-Suicidal Self-harming Individuals†. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Vol. 9, No. 17, pp. 64- 71 C. ELECTRONIC SOURCES (complete website/ internet ad/title/ author and date of retrieval; center) D. UNPUBLISHED MATERIALS (Undergrad or grad theses. Doctoral dissertations†¦center) Salang, F. (2009). Determinants of Stressors and Coping Mechanism: Their Relationships. Master’s Thesis, Asia-Pacific College of Advanced Studies, Balanga City E. OTHERS (Handouts, speeches, manuals, hosp/ school manual of policy and procedures, etc.) APPENDICES (separate sheet) Include Sample letters to the Dean, Director of Hosp., etc.., participants, questionnaire/ interview questions, etc. CURRICULUM VITAE (separate sheet) Brief resume with picture NOTE: 1. ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE ARIAL, FONT SIZE 12, DOUBLE SPACE, JUSTIFY. FOLLOW THE STYLE IN THIS FORMAT. 2. PAGE SHOULD APPEAR ON THE RIGHT UPPER CORNER, NO PAGING ON SHEET WITH â€Å"CHAPTER 1, 2, 3† BUT INCLUDED IN COUNTING OF PAGES (EXAMPLE- Chapter 1 is page 1 but â€Å"1† should not appear in the paper, next page will be the page 2), PAGING SHOULD BE CONTINUOUS UP TO APPENDICES EXCEPT FOR CV. 3. Follow the correct format for Bibliography 4. Related Literature and Studies should be from 2006 up, or otherwise rephrase if your related lit is â€Å"old†. 5. MARGIN: 1.27 INCHES ON TOP, 1.5 LEFT; 1 INCH RIGHT & BOTTOM. 6. EVERY CHAPTER SHOULD START ON A NEW SHEET. 7. SINCE THIS IS A PROPOSAL, DO NOT USE PAST TENSE. 8. Do not use 1st person account such as I, you, me, our..Refer to yourself as the researcher. 9. Do not use block style; 1st sentence for each paragraph must be indented. 10. Appendix should include: 1. Sample Letter : a) Letter of Request to __________ (to request permission to conduct study) ;b) Letter to heads (nurse/ records section, etc..) if needed; c) Letter to Participants (for consent); d) Letter to Validators (if needed) 2. Sample questionnaire

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Critiquing and changing the world through critical theory in traditional and critical theory an essay by max horkheimer Essay

Critical theory is directed towards both critiquing and changing the world, instead of merely explaining and interpreting it. The term critical theory  was coined by Max Horkheimer in his essay â€Å"Traditional and Critical Theory† (1937). By nature, it is radical, emancipatory and highly democratic in nature; historically specific but ever-changing. Even preceding Horkheimer, Karl Marx also contributed to critical theory affirming that â€Å"philosophers have only interpreted the world in certain ways; the point is to change it† (Theses on Feuerbach). Ontologically, the nature of the world is intrinsically one with diametrically opposed dichotomies of power and built-in disadvantaging imbalances and covert, oppressive structures. Horkeimer affirms that critical theory’s primary objective is â€Å"to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them† (Horkheimer 1982, 244). Freedom is derived at the epistemic level for knowledge is power (a rming the oppressed with weapons to conduct revolution against dominant orders of society, merging theory and action, instigating change in living conditions merges theory and action and align itself to working against diverse dominant orders of society).   It appreciates the lived experiences of people and interprets actions and symbols of society to understand social oppression. Methodologically, critical theory is pluralistic especially as a result of several socio-economic and political shifts brought about by globalisation. Consequently, several genres of critical theory have emerged, for example racial, post-colonial and feminist. Feminism is any socio-economic, political and cultural movement aimed at reforming society through equal rights and protections on behalf of the woman. Mainstream feminism embraces the legality of the woman as an independent individual, promoting full participation, inclusion and integration to enjoy its rights, responsibilities and privileges. The improvement of the woman’s social condition in civil life hinges on progressivism in where public policies are the catalysts for positive social change and where she would be emancipated and empowered. Feminism is convinced of the positive potential of woman and the benefits which would redound to the larger society through her empowerment. â€Å"Feminism is about the social transformation of gender relations† (Calas 2009). Feminism is virulently opposed to female subjugation, subservience and misogynist injustices – setting about to liberate the woman from inhibiting traditions and status quos that tend to undermine the validation of her personhood.   Generally, feminists support gender equality where both sexes can avail themselves of the same opportunities in both the domestic and public realms. No longer is a woman an inferior or weaker sex. She is an equal. Feminism also perceives the world through gendered lenses, discerns male predominance through patriarchal structures and militates against it. An inexhaustible list of variations exists within feminism, for example liberal feminism clamours for women’s equality, public rights and inclusion in decision-making and discourse. Radical feminism demands a complete and fundamental restructuring and redefining of the world’s institutions, systems and human experience to supersede the male-oriented ones. Marxist feminism concentrates on capitalism as the root cause of female oppression especially in the labour market where men possess more capital and economic privilege. Eco-feminism, Separatist feminism, Post-modern feminism, Third-world feminism, Psychoanalytic feminism, Postcolonial feminism and Amazon feminism among others constitute other types of feminism. Battle of the Sexes (Feminism vs. Machoism) The polarization of men and women forms part and parcel in the perpetual battle of the sexes – preoccupied with who should be more privileged in society’s assigned gender roles. The battle of the sexes is predicated on female identity, autonomy, oppression, disempowerment which all reflects the†¦.Feminism frames a discourse that attempts to challenge a longstanding male supremacy. In the past, man held a monopoly over discourse because of unequal structures (domestic/family, business, labour, education, religion and government) which dictated to the woman. In feminist critical theory, â€Å"universal criteria are not value-free, but (based) upon male norms† (May 2001). Owing to male preponderance, discourse would position the male at the centre so that one sees the male â€Å"Self† as the one who prevails whereas the female â€Å"Other† is relegated to the fringes of society. In the battle, machoism seeks to continue the promulgation of a male- based perspective in ideas, structures, and institutions that cement his control in society. The masculine voice overpowers and represses the woman. Consequently, â€Å"the answer is †¦ to move away from (the) male-centred perspective and place women at its centre† (May 2001) effectively questioning the legitimacy of and ousting patriarchal tradition. A Gendered View Feminist theory concentrates on the trajectories of women growing to assert themselves and rise above male oppression, inferiority, sexual abuse and gendered stereotyping. Like men, women have the right to autonomy so she must break the yoke of oppression, repression and suppression. Critical theory is hinged on the ideals of the woman as one who has been unduly victimized and oppressed by the patriarchy. This gender-centred philosophy contends with deep-rooted, sexist prejudice against the woman. It presupposes that phallocentric sexism is still in wide currency, discriminating and denying equality to the woman. Legitimized patriarchy in a world system permitted gross inhumanities and injustices to flourish against the woman, termed misogyny. Misogynist practices and policies physically and metaphorically rape the woman of her dignity and personhood. In the face of these indignities, feminists perform critical theory by privileging and empowering the woman. Feminist critical theory pinpoints societal double standards and hypocrisy so that the woman is obliged to abide by different rules inconsistent with fairness. Mainstream critical theory inherently privileges the man while disadvantaging the woman; therefore the feminist discourse stresses the loopholes in the patriarchal discourse that tends to discriminate and disempower the woman.   The double standard code of ethics governs the behaviour of the woman. Even in social research, feminists have succeeded in permeating the topic of double standard research so that â€Å"other forms of sexism in the design of a study may also lead to a double standard in data interpretation† (Eichler1999). Critical theory oriented by feminist principles prompts the question:   is this free from male-dominated standards or double standards: Are both sexes considered and privileged? These questions shed light into the validation of the woman where formerly she has been relegated to inferiority and even anonymity in discourse. Feminism gives birth to female empowerment, yet the discourse often cloaked in anonymity, passivity, obscurity, self-effacement and subjugation Gendered Critical Theory Feminism is committed to â€Å"reducing the unequal power in†¦ relationship† (Acker 1983). It holds that equalising power â€Å"will not be found in some stable orthodoxy but in an evolving dialogue† (DeVault 1999). The â€Å"the idea of objectivity and neutrality in the social sciences (instead)†¦taking the woman’s perspective† (Acker 1983). Despising the â€Å"positivistic objectivity or the reality of the social world as a system of distinct observable variables independent of the knower† (Acker 1983) is another quality of feminist-guided research†¦solidarity with experiences germane to women. Feminism blatantly reject â€Å"such tenets of mainstream social science as the objectivity and separation of researcher from what or whom is researched, the superiority of the researcher as expert† (Small 1995). The attrition of these differences demonstrates a unique equilibrium in social research. Feminism and the Sexual Discourse in I.R. Feminism in I.R. initiates the sexual discourse, boldly tackling topics of sexuality affecting women globally. Rape as a war crime, prostitution and sex slavery, female circumcision, sexual orientation, forms part of the uninhibited dialogue. Feminists aim to uncover the impact of culture on female sexual impressions and expression. In feminist discourse, the woman’s body is not objectified as a sex symbol but is dignified and even deified as it is liberated from social restraint. The politics of sexuality encapsulates various aspects of the woman owing to the links between gender and sexuality, linguistic usage and gender research inherently leaned on cultural interpretations of sex and sexuality†¦ thus the shifts in language and gender (Bucholtz 2004).

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Clarifying your goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Clarifying your goals - Essay Example Wisdom and knowledge will help me to make suitable decisions in my personal and professional context. Knowledge and wisdom will ensure my contribution towards my profession significantly (Por & Molloy, 2000). In order to enhance my wisdom and knowledge level, I am required to identify a rational objective of my goal. In this regard, the milestones for achieving my objectives will be time management and innovation. The milestones will aid in developing my creativity skills to develop and enhance my personal as well as professional knowledge base (Por & Molloy, 2000). I will need around four months to enhance my wisdom and knowledge level. During this four months period, I will learn more about the changing technologies of modern era, which will ensure my efficiency level by possessing adequate knowledge about the modern technologies used in different business operations. In a similar manner, the time management skill will assist in building my creativeness. I am required to look for a mentor, who will assists me in developing my competencies for accomplishing mu objectives effectively. Moreover, I have developed an action plan in order to ensure that I accomplish my goal successfully (Por & Molloy, 2000). I have identified that to ensure my goal, I will require a mentor to teach me the techniques based on which I will be able to accomplish my objectives successfully, so that I become competent for my MBA program and professional life. Accordingly, I have developed a time line, which will aid me in accomplishing my desired objectives and goal within stipulated

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See the Message Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

See the Message - Essay Example Arguably, this is an unethical way of governing a region, as it is important for the rulers to scrutinize the reasons for the theft cases. The punishment of a livestock thief should not be equivalent to that involving violence. The English society The growth of a particular society lies upon several characters within and outside the society. The English society involves people of diverse groups living in England. There are two principal groups of individuals in England namely, the wealthy and the poor also referred to as the peasants. It is vital to look into the political background to ensure there is a clear establishment of the concepts that affect the characters delighted to join the political rallies of the country. The peasants have their right to ownership violated by the rich. To ensure that the political environment is clear and favorable to different individuals, there should be a scrutiny of the political models in politics. This helps improve the power that particular ind ividuals have when carrying out political activities. The English society looks into amalgamating public lands into private ownership (Bodden 8). This is a source of increased theft, as the individuals previously occupying the land forcefully vacate to search for ways to feed their families. Therefore, for a decrease in theft cases, there should be a stoppage of the rich from occupying peasant lands. This is one of the ways to enable individuals have better ways of providing for their families. Problems of the English society The immorality of capital punishment for theft Capital punishment concerning theft refers to punishment subjecting a thief to death. This is against the stipulations of the law, despite provisions in the amendment of law, which encompasses all that which should proceed to an individual involved in theft case for the third time (More 60). In the English society, death in theft cases is vital to have a reduction in the number of individuals involved in theft crim es. Secondly, it is a way of imposing punishment to individuals prone to frequent stealing. It also instills fear to other individuals out there and who belonged to the gangster group. The English society uses capital punishment on theft cases with the thought that it helps impede further theft cases in the communities. It helps enhance security to individuals living in the societies, as the robbers may find it difficult to have a smooth time when carrying out their normal burglary operations. The punishment is also an effective way of hindering young people from growing to be thugs (More 11). This is because of the fear instilled in them regarding punishment on individuals convicted with theft cases. On the contrary, capital punishment is not vital for a government looking into the wellbeing of the individuals of the English society (Bodden 11). The English society evicts community lands for corporate use leaving some individuals with inadequate sources of wealth. This is the prima ry reason for individuals to adopt theft actions, since they lack ways of providing for their families. Therefore, it is the mandate of the government to ensure that it provides better working environments for individuals to earn their living and provide for their families. The government should however, make stipulations regarding readjusting the punishment imposed on individuals who steal to secure the necessities of their families. An oligarchy that controls

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The Message of the Torah Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Message of the Torah - Essay Example Therefore, it is kept and dressed in Synagogue. The significance of Torah can be substantiated by the message conveyed in it, which is about blessing i.e. God will always bless human beings1; which contains an abysmal severity of magnitude and importance for the mankind, particularly the followers. The literal meaning of the term Torah is to teach. The book teaches Jewish people how to pray, eat, and live2. The message of the Torah is that God provides all that mankind needs and give commands to choose the way of life. â€Å"The Torah conveys the message that God has blessed the humanity by providing them the required guidance in the form of this scripture† â€Å"male and female created He them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created â€Å"3 The Torah delivers the message that God has blessed us by keeping us alive and sustained in this earthly environment. The message it conveys is about self-satisfaction. Everything that human beings need in order to be happy has been provided by God. No matter how many difficulties we face in our lives, the recitation of Torah will fill ourselves with happiness and satisfaction. This shows that Torah is the source of solace and a means to achieve contentment in this highly materialistic world of today. In the present times, when materialism has heightened to extreme extents, individuals have forgotten to find happiness in nature and to be thankful with what one has. Torah acts as a reminder which aids to achieve contentment and inner peace. â€Å"and He said: If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in His eyes, and wilt give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases upon thee, which I have put upon the Egyptians; for I am the LORD that healeth thee†4 The central message is predominantly preoccupied with human actions. It further teaches individuals to follow the commands of God

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National Regional Approach to Innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

National Regional Approach to Innovation - Essay Example It's a very complex thing innovation it doesn't just need an innovative firm to singly do all the work but rather a full innovative firm, and a number of organizations and institutions need to be readily interacting with one another and these should also have many interdependencies to make innovations a success and a complete process. A matrix has been long designed which has been called the innovation matrix in the innovation matrix the key inspiration has been from the traditional manner of the input and output tables but the only different thing is that instead of this matrix making a precise measurement of the flows of intermediate products between countries this matrix makes a It has long been a debate between the theory scholars of innovation that there should be made a systems approach so as to get a better understanding of the dynamics of and that would be more realistic and would provide with more positive ways to make and guide policies than does the linear system of innovation that has long been used. Rosenberg and Kline gave the first initiations towards the systematic approach by putting forth their developed "chain-linked" model this model thus was broadened and deepened and is now what is commonly known as the NIS or the National innovations systems approach. A systematic view is what is presented when the national innovations systems approach is put to use. Various agents, actions and relationships along with interactions with each other on a daily and project based basis are what give rise to innovations. It is a belief of those who follow this system approach that the success of any innovation depends a lot on a long term relationship existing between the various components which would namely be the external organizations and institutions as well and the interaction between innovation organizations. It is also a belief that innovation success would depend on a proper flow of the interaction within the innovation organizations departments, between the colleagues and between the management and the workers, that is also very important. The institutional environment is also believed by the systematic National/ Regional Approach to Innovation 4 National/ Regional Approach to Innovation approach to strongly influence innovative activities and interactions between the innovative agents. REGIONAL INNOVATION SYSTEM

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Assignment4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Assignment4 - Assignment Example German composers and their pieces were also numerous; they were represented by Ruhe, meine seele, Ach weh mir ungluckhaftem man and Heimliche Aufforderung by Richard Strauss. Several pieces by Tosti added Italian passion to the concert; they were represented by A Vucchella, Non T’amo Piu, Ideale, L’alba Separa Dalla Luce L’ombra and Marechiare. One piece in Spanish by Pablo Sarozabal added some temper to the performance. Rare Maori and Samoa languages were represented by a couple of folk songs followed by the nice guitar accompaniment. C. I was an attentive listener during the concert. First of all, I know that I had to write the concert report after it, so I concentrated on singing to provide more comprehensive analysis of the performance. Second of all, the concert was engaging because Pati turned to be a very pleasant and funny young singer who could easily attract attention of people and make them laugh. All pieces listed in the program were new for me. I was familiar with other compositions by Liszt and Strauss, but they were instrumental. D. The whole concert was aimed at revealing the power and beauty of Pati’s voice. His tenor was outstanding as well as his singing techniques. It was easy to indentify that the voice belonged to a young man due to the fact that it was very pure. The piano performed the main accompaniment. A couple of folk songs were followed by the guitar. In fact, they would never sound better with any other instrument. E. Generally, I liked all the pieces included in the concert. However, I recollected some of them after the concert considering the best ones. For instance, Ruhe, meine seele by Strauss was very sad and tender piece. It had some Gothic elements in both lyrics and music. Enigmatic sound combined with the tenor of the singer resulted in high quality performance which was difficult to dislike. The

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Strategic Analysis and Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 2

Strategic Analysis and Choice - Essay Example Once the company’s products have been identified and measured within the matrix it is then possible to determine the following objectives which are the framework for strategic management within an organization. Cash Cows: This part of the matrix represents the products that generate more cash than they require to operate. They will have a high market share, but exist in a low-growth market. As they generate cash they can be utilized in other parts of the business. Problem children (or question marks): These require cash inputs and function in a growing market where their market share should be maintained or increased. These products have a low market share but need cash subsidies to enable the market to build up and increase and make these products viable profit engines in the future. Stars: This element of the matrix exists in the fast growing market and has high market shares. They are the high achievers, but need constant cash injections in order to sustain the position they are in. After a time they will move into another area of the matrix. But whilst in the position of star they need continual harvesting. Dogs: Exist in the low growth market and have a low share of the market. They are often seen to have little purpose within an organization except to drain funds and are generally at the stage where they need to be divested or fall into liquidation. The tremendous impact this company has had is largely a result of its continued pursuit of low prices, for the benefit of retailers, manufacturers, the culture of shopping, the shape of our communities, and ensuring wages and employment costs are kept low. Wal-Mart is the largest company in the history of the world. Americans spend on average $26 million almost every hour at Wal-Mart, every day of the year. Because they sell at such low prices Wal-Mart is estimated to save US shoppers $10 billion a year. Although it must be added

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RELATE THE STRUCTURE OF EUKARYOTIC AND PROKARYOTIC CELL COMPONENTS AND ORGANELLES - Assignment Example The function of the plasma membrane in prokaryotes is to lend protection and act as a permeability barrier. In Eukaryotes the plasma membrane also consists of phospholipid layers and performs the same function as that in the prokaryotes. However, in prokaryotes, the structure of plasma membrane consists of hopanoids which are taken to be structural equivalent of sterols found in the Eukaryotic plasma membrane (Rohmer et al, 1984). Hopanoids help prokaryotic cells to adjust cell permeability and adapt to environmental conditions. The most basic difference between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells lies in the position of the DNA and this is basically reflected in their names. In a Eukaryotic cell most of DNA is in the cell organelle called nucleus which is bounded by a double membrane each of which is made up of phospholipids and proteins. The nucleus is the largest organelle in the eukaryotic cell. In case of a Prokaryotic cell, the DNA material lies concentrated in a region known as nucleiod which is not membrane bound. Ribosomes are present in prokaryotic as well as Eukaryotic cells. This cell organelle is slightly smaller in the Prokaryotes than in the Eukaryotes. In Prokaryotes, the ribosome is 70S and is about 2700kd in mass. The Eukaryotic ribosome are slightly larger and consist of 2 sub-units- a larger 60S subunit and a smaller 40S subunit which come together to form a 80S unit which is heavier at 4200kd (Stryer et al, 2002). Even though ribosome is involved in protein synthesis, the Eukaryotic protein synthesis is different from prokaryotic protein synthesis since in Eukaryotes the initiator tRNA is methionine while in case of Prokaryotes the initiator is a specialized tRNA. Prokaryotes lack mitochondria which in Eukaryotes serve as site of cellular respiration and plays pivotal role in metabolism. The structure of the mitochondria in a Eukaryotic cell is sausage shapes, with smooth outer membrane but folded inner

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The Nursing Home Administrator Essay Example for Free

The Nursing Home Administrator Essay The Nursing Home Administrator is the head of operations at a nursing home. The position requires licensure to practice in a state. Individual states have different requirements for licensure but generally people have proof of adequate education, experience, experience of guidance under preceptor. The licensure examination requirements covers basic topics of nursing home administration with Master’s degree or Gerontology. The Administrator manages personnel, processing of admissions, manages finances, and overseeing day to (1). There are moral, educational, and work experience requirements to meet prior to meeting with Board of Examiners of nursing home administrators. The moral character and suitability for licensure is a reflection of the ability for the individual needed to fulfill the responsibilities of nursing home administrator, competency, and ethical values. The educational requirements include a Baccalaureate or higher level of education including supplemental educational credits in education for long-term care, health care, gerontology, and personnel management from an accredited educational program. The selected educational course is to be completed with acceptable grades from an accredited institution. The selected courses are to be completed within a certain period of time to be eligible to take Nursing Home Administrator licensure exam. To meet requirements coursework, a 300 level class or higher, predominantly rich with inpatient, health care, and nursing home as Master’s degree in Health Care Administrator, Health Facility Administrator requiring certain number of hours of field experience or work experience as full-time Administrator of Record in a certain period of time prior to licensure. The work experience requirements include completing a 12 months approved internship. The full-time experience must include predominantly supervisory role for resident care, be a financially compensated position, and completed in a certain period of time. There are alternatives to the credit hours courses in nursing home administration are two or more years within five years as Administration of Record of nursing facility, have a current five years American College of Health Care Administration certification (2). The licensure exam requirements for Nursing Home Administration are completion of the former requirements, a passing score on the exam approved by the Board. The role of a nursing home administrator encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities. People skills and effectively communicating, on various levels, delegating tasks, overseeing residents with the quality of life and social programs available, and being able to multitask can be a rewarding position.

Ebara Balance Scorecard and Communication Plan Essay Example for Free

Ebara Balance Scorecard and Communication Plan Essay Ebara Technology Incorporated Component Division is a subsidiary of Ebara Corporation. Ebara Technology is known as a Research and Development focus company, whose main subject matter is on research and development for its business operations. Ebara will always campaign for research and development to increase added value to the product and over and above research and development related cost reduction and manufacturing technologies, toward improving it competitiveness and profitability, (RD – Ebara (n.d.)). Finance The financial perspective has the strategic objective in areas of the market shares, revenues and costs, profitability, and competitive position. On the financial viewpoint of the new F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System will increase the sales growth anywhere from 10% to 20%. This modification or enhancement will dictate the end results of decreasing in the cost, increase higher quality and speed, for a prompt response to customers’ needs. The operating cost will decrease anywhere from 15% to 25% for the reason that on common parts the volume will increase and with contracts already in place the forecast will go up and the price will go down. A small number of ideas turn out to be profitable for the reason of research and development, and pre-marketing costs of transforming a promising idea into a profitable product. Customer In the customer value perspective we want to look at how the customers see us in all these areas, customer retention or turnover, customer satisfaction and customer value. Our goal of retention rate is to recognize the turnover and to monitor the performance over time. â€Å"The main objective is not to be at zero, however to be at a position that is supporting our goals for  growth† (Customer Retention Strategy | Marketing MO. (n.d.)). Developing plans to increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover. Our company will set up meeting on a quarterly basis with customers with the agenda being directed at on-time delivery percent of sale from the new product, and feedback from the customers. On time delivery will be recorded and reviewed to communicate to our shareholders and employees. The company as a whole will be working with all current customers to maintain a goal 98% or better delivery performance. Feedback whether it is positive or negative from our customer is vital action for the growth of the company. Internal Business Process The internal business process is to construct a streamline process for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing objective is make sure they have create a useful and efficient process that will imposed check points at all operating locations. Paperwork will be turned in and the information is loaded into the database. The target is recorded and a weekly or monthly report is run. These reports are called Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or Key Success Indicator (KSI). â€Å"These reports are a set of quantifiable measures that the company or an industry uses to gauge or compare performance in team meeting of the strategic and operational goal† (Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definition | Investopedia. (n.d.). These reports will be posted in all appropriate departments and meetings are set-up for discussion to talk about great performance or what we need to improve on. Learning and Growth The learning and growth of the company will depend widely on the knowledge and training of all employees. In order to achieve our vision production must be able to be ready for changes and the ability to improve. Our goal will be focus in two different areas; the first will be the production employees and the second will be document control. Our intention is for all managers and executives to keep and open communication with every employee in the company and all outsourcing suppliers of all pending and up and coming changes. Every employee and the outsourcing suppliers will go through a training program on how to build all areas of F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System.. Our aspiration would be to ensure  that each outside service and each and every in-house employee are trained and certified in their specified areas. Eventually we would want to see some cross-training in all the areas. On the Document Control side will also be following the same step listed above, but because changes will need to be made rapidly and some changes will need to be phased in. This department must be knowledgeable of all aspect of the Engineering Changes Notices and the Engineering Changes Orders. The goal for this department is to be conscious and mindful of Engineering Changes Orders and Engineering Changes Notices. The focus would be to make certain they have all signatures and it is approval through all levels. We will need to proceed by requiring training, cross training and certification of each of employees in this department. Conclusion The supposition of the balanced scorecard we covered all four areas: The financial side with building of the F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System we will be decreasing the cost, increase higher quality and speed, where the customer is getting their needs met. This proposal will bring profit because of the research and development, and pre-marketing cost changing ideas into a profitable product. Secondly on the customer perspective side, the goal is increase customers loyalty and always looking for ways to decrease the turnover rate. Customer satisfaction and customer value by encouraging face to face meeting to keep client/customers informed. The internal process is where we will find ways to improve the process. Key Performance Indicator will be set up in difference department so that each department knows how they are performing. And last is the learning and growth of the employees. We will focus on the production employees and Document Control . Training and c rossing training is a major area because of all the changes that will forthcoming. Document Control will be overwhelmed with countless changes and will need to be prime and ready for the surplus. References Customer Retention Strategy | Marketing MO. (n.d.). Retrieved from Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definition | Investopedia. (n.d.). Retrieved October 16, 2014, from RD EBARA Global Website. (n.d.). Retrieved September 26, 2014, from